About Splendid

Splendid Screen Technology (HK) Ltd. is a highly-regarded provider of exceptional products and services to its valued customers.    Our display solutions are utilized across various applications worldwide, including home automation, industrial control, automotive, metering, medical applications, etc.

We operate two manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Huizhou, China. These facilities enable us to create customized products that meet our customers' specific requirements or provide our clients with a comprehensive selection of standard products. Our mission is to become the world's leading display solutions company.

Splendid was founded in 2004 and established factories in Guandong province, China. Our company specializes in designing and producing LCD and LCM Products, and we began producing high-end TFT OLED modules in 2005.

Today, Splendid boasts a 12000 Square meters factory equipped with the most advanced automatic production lines and high-precision equipment.  The Factory Overview in Huizhou spans over 6,200 square meters, and we have more than 200 personnel working in various departments to ensure the highest quality and standards are maintained.


  • 2021-11

    We Passed the IATF16949 certification of the automotive quality system

  • 2018-04

    Special strip shape display MP

  • 2016-09

    Huizhou B-W LCD/TFT LCM production plant completed.

  • 2016-08

    Anhui Cover Glass/CTP production plant completed(related enterprises)

  • 2009-09

    Suzhou Cover Glass/CTP production plant completed(related enterprises)

  • 2005-08

    Shenzhen STN/CSTN/TFT LCM production plant completed

Quality Assurance

1.Quality Control of Production Line

IQC Incoming Inspection

Engineer Inspection Equipment

IPQC Line Inspection

Microscope Inspection

Water Drop Angle Test

FPC Pull Test 

2D Measurement

OQC Outgoing Inspection

2D Tester 

Water Drop Angle Tester 


Pull Tester 

Pressure Tester 



Dust Partice Tester 

Electrostic Tester 

Electrostic Tester 



COG/FOG Automatic Bonding Machine-2 Lines

AOI Testing Equipment-3 Lines 

COG/FOG Automatic Bonding Machine-1 Line 

COG/FOG Automatic Bonding Machine-2 Lines 


Grinding –Cleaning and Polarizer Automatic Assembly Machine-1 Line

Grinding –Cleaning and Polarizer Automatic Assembly Machine-2 Lines

Removing Bubbles Machine -2 Lines

Three In One Dispensing Machine- 2 Lines

BL-LCM Automatic Assembly Machine-1 Line

BL-LCM Automatic Assembly Machine-3 Lines


OCA Automatic Laminating Machine-1 line

OCA Automatic Laminating Machine-2 Lines

Silicone Glue Dispensing Machine- 2 Lines

UV Curing Machine- 2 Lines

Workshop Overview

Splendid has a 12000 Square meter factory, full sets of advanced automatic production lines and high-precision equipment. The following is the Factory Overview in Huizhou, with a floor area of 6,200 square meters and more than 200 people working in various departments.

Product Application

Our company is committed to providing leading technology and high-quality products to the consumer and professional display industries that are used in applications including smartphones, tablet PCs, smart wear, automotive instrumentation, industrial and medical instrumentation, avionic display, home automation, etc. 

  • Tel:+86-755-83731519
  • Email: inquiry@amaxlcd.com
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